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Trump Takes on Putin Critics, Kim on Twitter

US president Donald Trump gestures before boarding Air Force One to travel to the Philippines at the airport in Hanoi Trump Takes on Putin Critics, Kim on Twitter
Evandro Fare | 15 Novembre, 2017, 03:08

Two top former U.S. intelligence officials said Sunday that President Donald Trump is being "played" by President Vladimir Putin on Russia's interference in the 2016 election and accused him of being susceptible to foreign leaders who stroke his ego. Brennan said Sunday that he considers Trump's characterization "a badge of honor". I just asked him again. And I believe - I really believe - that when he tells me that, he means it, ' Mr Trump said as he travelled to Hanoi as part of his tour of Asia.

Also included in his remarks were a condemnation of former FBI director James Comey, former CIA director John Brennan and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper.

'There's nothing 'America First' about taking the word of a KGB colonel over that of the American intelligence community, ' McCain, a Republican, said in a statement.

'I mean, give me a break, they are political hacks, ' Trump said.

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Trump's trip was meant to be centered on trade and North Korea, and today, he will talk with Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, who has overseen a bloody drug war that has featured extrajudicial killings.

"As to whether I believe it, I'm with our agencies", Trump said.

"I don't know why the ambiguity about this", Brennan said. "And to try paint it in any other way is, I think, astounding, and, in fact, poses a peril to this country".

Appearing later on CNN, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin came to Trump's defense, brushing aside the comments of Brennan and Clapper.

Clapper said, "It's very clear that the Russians interfered in the election, and it's still puzzling as to why Mr. Trump does not acknowledge that and embrace it and also push hard against Mr. Putin".

'There's no 'principled realism' in cooperating with Russia to prop up the murderous Assad regime, which remains the greatest obstacle to a political solution that would bring an end to the bloodshed in Syria'.

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