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Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions: Exam AZ-400 – General Overview by Examsnap

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With the growing demand and requirements of the various industries, the conventional software development has evolved a lot in the last few years. This evolvement was required essentially to meet the different requirements of the present industry demands. DevOps occurred as the result of this evolvement of software development. Presently, DevOps is considered as a feasible and efficient practice for software development.

AZ-400 exam or the Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions is one of the newly introduced role-based Azure certifications which help the Azure DevOps Professionals to prove their various relevant skills. Taking and passing AZ-400 exam help candidates to become proficient Microsoft certified Azure DevOps professionals.

Prerequisites for AZ-400 Exam

We recommend candidates to read the prerequisites of this exam with full focus as each of these prerequisites is tested in its own way in the exam. Thus, the same signifies the value of every prerequisite as mentioned below.

The very basic yet most significant prerequisite for AZ-400 exam is that you have to be a DevOps professional. In other words, you should be able to amalgamate various procedures, people as well as technologies by delivering the products/services in such a way that they match the particular purposes of businesses and various requirements of the users. Also, the candidates who wish to take AZ-400 exam should be well aware of the Agile practices.

It is also recommended that the aspirants for this exam should possess the knowledge of Azure development and Azure administration. Having expertise in any of these fields will be really beneficial for the candidates. The candidates who wish to take this exam are also required to have proficiency by utilizing Azure technologies in designing and applying various DevOps practices for the purpose of version control, testing, configuration management, infrastructure, building, and testing.

The knowledge of planning as well as implementing strategies for infrastructure and application code to achieve various software engineering methods is also essential. It is also worth mentioning that the contenders for AZ-400 exam should have knowledge of streamlining product delivery (through automation), enhancing communication as well as collaboration and optimizing practices.

The Modules of AZ-400 Exam & the Skills Measured

Do not go by the strategy of studying only the so-called ‘important modules’. It is to be noted that every module is important to be understood if you want to score well in this exam. Leaving few sections or topics will only disappoint you in the end. Thus, the best way is to prepare and study each and every module of AZ-400. Do remember that AZ-400 is not an easy exam to crack. You need to prepare sincerely and you ought to study every module to succeed in this exam. Once you have gone through and studied well all the modules, you can start focusing particularly on those areas that have more weight. This strategy can help you score good marks in the exam. Just check out the detailed modules below along with the percentage of weight of the question given in front of each of them.

l Implement continuous feedback – 10-15%

l Implement dependency management- 5-10%

l Implement continuous delivery – 10-15%

l Implement continuous integration – 10-15%

l Implement application infrastructure- 15-20%

l Implement DevOps development processes – 20-25%

AZ-400 Exam – The Pricing & Language

The pricing of this exam is USD 165.00 and may differ a bit based on the location from where you are willing to take this exam. AZ-400 test or the Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions exam is available only in the English language.

AZ-400 – Some Helpful Ways for the Right Preparation

Now that you have gained the valuable knowledge about this exam, it’s now time to discuss some of the important exam preparation tips that help you in achieving success in this exam.

Checking Out Microsoft Documentation on Azure DevOps

If you do not know a particularly reliable source for the preparation of this exam, you can always rely on the best source, that is the Microsoft Documentation on Azure DevOps. From Azure Artifacts, Azure pipelines, Azure test plans and Azure Repos to web portal navigation, all-inclusive dashboards, analytic solutions, and others, you will find all possible and useful Azure DevOps related material on Microsoft Documentation on Azure DevOps. Most importantly, you will be glad to find that the various Azure DevOps concepts are explained in a simple-to-understand manner here!

Checking Out the Azure White Papers

The Microsoft Azure White Papers will also help you a lot in the preparation of AZ-400 exam. From neatly explained analyst reports to Whitepapers and eBooks, you will find highly useful material for your exam preparation on the Microsoft Azure page. The Azure White Papers also inform you on the latest Azure DevOps updates as well as the technologies.

Examsnap for AZ-400

To get further help for your preparation, you can check out Examsnap – the online portal that helps you prepare well for your Microsoft exam. Examsnap website offers a great collection of the exam dumps, which can help you revise the learned material or prepare for the exam in a short span of time. The dumps available at Examsnap are the most updated ones, as they are uploaded by the real exam takers. In addition, you can get the premium bundle which contains the exam questions and answers, checked by IT experts. Moreover, on Examsnap online platform you can take a training course and study it at your own pace. These options will enhance your preparation to a great extent. To sum up, Examsnap is the authentic and efficient platform that will provide the best practice tests and tips that will make you well-prepared for AZ-400 exam.

Get Enrolled in Interactive Classes

It is also highly recommended that you practice good quality practice tests as much as possible. Solving the same will help you get ready for your exam. If you can get yourself enrolled into some reputable interactive classes/session for AZ-400, it will be more than good!

Studying through Groups

Spending a little time on the internet will make you realize that there are some good platforms where you can study in forums and groups. The first platform to check is, of course, Microsoft website. Here you can find a study group for AZ-400 exam. You can search for the similar but reliable and useful study groups online. For instance, you can take help from the Azure community group. Studying through these efficient study groups and forums will also help you in the preparation for your AZ-400 exam.

To sum up, if you are one of those who intend to get the Microsoft Certified Azure DevOps Engineer Expert certification, AZ-400 exam is what you need to be prepared for.

To pass this certification exam on your first try, check Microsoft website first, then use the study materials from Examsnap. The materials available here will make your preparation efficient.

So, we wish you good luck with your AZ-400 exam!

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